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Tujhe bhoolana to chaaha, lekin -Lyrics

Posted on: October 24, 2008

Tujhe bhoolana to chaaha, lekin bhula na paaye-2
Jitana bhulaana chaaha
Jitana bhulaana chaaha, tum utna yaad aaye,

Tujhe bhulna to chaaha, lekin bhula na paaye…

Guzre zamane sangdil, dekhi na teri surat-2
Dil kosata rahe hai, tere pyaar ki zarurat

Haay aake yaad teri, meri neend ruth jaaye,

Tujhe bhoolna…
Tune kadar na jaani, anamol chahaton ka-2
Khaaya hai mainne dhokha, tujhse mohabbaton ka-2

Allaah kare ye dhokha,
Allaah kare ye dhokha, tu bhi kisi se khaye

Tujhe bhulna to chaaha, lekin bhula na paaye…

Mere dil me rah ge hai, armaa machal-machal kar,
Armaa machal-machal kar,

Khushiyo ke saare saamaa, ashko me bah gaye hai
Aane ka vaayada karke,
Aane ka vaayada karke, tum laut ke na aaye


Ai phurkato tumhaara hai maja hi kuch niraalaa
Phurkato tumhaara hai maza hi kuch niraala

Dekar lahu jigar ka, ye rog maine paala,
‘Saadik’ jahaa me aisa,
‘Saadik’ jahaa me aisa koii rog na lagaaye

Tujhe bhulana to chaaha …

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20 Responses to "Tujhe bhoolana to chaaha, lekin -Lyrics"

Very nice

Very nice song. Love it

na jane uska majburi thi.

Plz send me son
1tuje bhoolna to chaha
2bakhuda bakhuda

Very nice. Plz snd the lyrics of song a ja a ja sajana ab to a ja movie barsat.

Broken Heart.. Missing You Affu…:((

ya its reality..if you love some truly thn you cant forget that person..nice wording..

09533076705/0951543210 is my numbers plz sms me if any one want to do frndship

nic song!!!!!!


this song and very nice and awesome yaar!and this is really good!

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